About The WashCrew

The WashCrew in McAllen, Texas is a SoftWash Systems Authorized roof cleaning and soft washing company. We are fully insured and have been trained by SoftWash Systems to properly clean roofs without damaging the home or roof.

We have years of experience cleaning roofs in Texas and are proud to boast that we are a reputable business that has been checked by The Seal. That means we are a trustworthy business to call to clean your home or roof!

We are a family owned and operated business that believes the customer is ALWAYS right! We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Call The Wash Crew today for a free roof cleaning and soft washing quote!

10 reasons to get your home and business cleaned:
  1. Curb Appeal Improvement! Who doesn't want their Home or Buisness looking Sharp and Appealing!
  2. Clean Roof Improves lifespan! Manufactors guarantee 25+ years, get the most of your shingles, by having your treated with our 100% biodegradable SOFTWASH!
  3. Utility Cost Lowered! By Removing Black Stains and providing more of a Reflective Roof Surface, Roof Temperatures can be Decreased, keeping Energy bills down and keeping more money in your pocket!
  4. Maintaining the Value of your Home and Business! A Home or Business is an expensive investment so Clean It Up and get more Bang For Your Buck!
  5. Increase your Roof Life! Prevent Leaks and Cracks due to premature ageing caused by ALGAE, MOSS, and LICHEN.
  6. Don't Replace it! CLEAN IT! You can save thousands by realizing that all you needed was a Cleaning!
  7. We Use Softwash Systems and Asphalt Roofing Manufactors Association recommend Soft wash systems. This system is 100% biodegradable, Safe and Affordable unlike pressure washers that can damage your roof!
  8. We stand by our business so we offer SoftWash Systems 5-Year Limited Warranty on Roof Cleanings!
  9. We are the first and only SoftWash Authorized Company in The Rio Grande Valley! We Strive to be the best so accumulate 10+ Classroom Hours plus Hands on Training for SoftWash Systems Certifications!
  10. Health Benefits! By keeping your roof cleaned and sanitized you are preventing mold and other bacteria from entering your roof and into your Home!

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